11 April 2014

Baching in the rain

Listening to the rain coming down all yesterday, all last night, and all of today felt a bit like a gift. It's the first real rain we've had in a couple of months, and it was as though all of the built up dust and stress and difficulty were being washed away by the rain; helped along this morning in my office by a gorgeous recording of Bach's solo cello concertos. Rain on the roof (a proper Bay of Plenty downpour coming straight down) and Bach. It doesn't get much more peaceful.

This afternoon was more of a rain adventure, with a visit to a potential new client here in Rotorua who has both some interesting hazards and some real challenges. It's also an organisation that would be a privilege to work alongside, and I am very excited about this opportunity.

A senior staff member took me on a tiki-tour around their operations and it was really interesting. It's a big site and most of it is uncovered... fortunately they had little golf carts with roofs to help in getting around and I had grabbed my big waterproof work raincoat before going over: it got a real workout today though and by the time I got back to the office nearly 3 hours later it was soaked nearly through and I was decidedly soggy (although not as soggy as my guide, whose coat didn't have a hood!). One hot chocolate and a change of clothes later and all was fine. That's one distinct advantage to having my office in my house: if I get wet, too hot, or too cold, I can skip across the hall to my room and change!

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