1 June 2014

Bits and pieces

I found out that my previous post didn't post (probably because I was out of town at the time and had a very dodgy connection!), but I did get my CMIOSH. The certificate is dated 2 days after my interview so they must have made up their minds fairly quickly!

The last couple of weeks have been busy with clients and the Safeguard conference in Auckland. I always enjoy Safeguard: it's a great opportunity to meet people, network, and listen to some very interesting speakers. This year there were no "superstars" in the safety world, but lots of reflection on the new law, particularly from Australia, as our new law is going to be very similar to theirs.

This weekend is Queen's Birthday - the last of the public holidays for months. The weather has been stunning so far. I've finally finished clearing the front garden, and I've planted my first plant - the first actual plant (above the ground) I've chosen for myself - a little hebe called "pretty in pink" (ironic when you consider I don't like pink!). We put in a lot more bulbs and barked everything, and it's looking very nice. The first of our earlier bulbs have now broken soil, which is very exciting, and it appears that daughter's purple winter carrots may also have cleared ground. It's a bit hard to tell because some other things that we didn't plant have also appeared in that garden! One of them may be other pre-existing bulbs. I hope to have a good look tomorrow when I weed back through the barked areas.

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