15 December 2014

Still here...

The calendar reads 15 December and it was Gaudete Sunday yesterday - somehow my brain looks at those two things and thinks, "Does not compute!" I'm not quite sure how it's got to the last working week of the year already. This year grew wings and just took off!

In my last post, I was thinking about little boxes in the spice drawer. Well, now there are little boxes everywhere. My pantry is the tidiest and cleanest it's been for 6 months, and all the kitchen cupboards have all been cleaned and tidied. I've been working steadily around all those little nooks and crannies that seem to create dirt, even if dirt never gets near them!

I've also been doing lots of practice with The Thing, my lovely compound bow (okay, that's my name for it), and my groupings have been getting quite close. The next piece of kit that's on the radar is a proper release aid - I've got a wrist release and want to move to a hand-held one. I tried one out the other day and it was gorgeous: the only problem was that it was for three fingers only and my pinky felt like it was waving uselessly around. I prefer the four-finger ones because all of my hand feels engaged and there's less pull through the wrist. Now to find one I like! Unfortunately the one I found that I liked doesn't come in a four-finger model....

Small daughter has had a good time recently, with another gold medal in her final trampolining competition of the year, and a wonderful report from school. Hubby has nearly finished trolling through the piles of final marking for his students, and I am trying to get my desk cleared before the office closes on Friday. The directors decided that they would give us the three days before Christmas as paid days off that aren't leave, which is rather nice. Good timing too - can finish off those last-minute preparations before Christmas!

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