2 July 2015

A face lift

I thought it was time that the blog had another face-lift: it's all about redecorating at present and so it seemed a good thing for the blog to get all pretty too.

Hubby has just finished decorating the ensuite, master bedroom, and the main bathroom - in three weeks! Go hubby! The house is now finished inside and looks lovely. The master bedroom, in particular, is really beautiful. We were really happy to discover that advances in lightbulbs have now meant that halogen fittings can be used by LED lights, so we were able to use some really cool industrial-looking lights in our room. They look like mini follow-spots. We've always avoided halogens because they get really hot and you waste quite a lot of the power in heating the bulb, but the LEDs are almost cold even when they've been running for ages. And the contrast between one gloomy central 100W lightbulb with 20 LED bulbs with an equivalence of 50W each  in five different fittings is quite stunning....

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