19 February 2018

Storm warning

Tonight feels a little weird. Ex-tropical Cyclone Gita is bearing down on us, and we're just sitting waiting for it to arrive. It will make landfall somewhere between Westport and Wellington, although current plotting looks as though it's going to hit on the west side of Golden Bay and head across the top of the South Island - which means Wellington will get hammered as well.

It's the impending feel I find nerve-wracking.

Cyclone Gita is just emphasising other storms that I feel I am facing - the same impending feel, the same sense of waiting for the storm to break - the only difference is that I don't know what will happen afterwards with the other storm.

And then there's my sweet lovely Storm, one of our little fur-cats - my particular boy, with the loudest purr I have ever heard from a cat. Snuggles are worth facing the storm for...

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