21 December 2008

The Fourth Sunday in Advent. Expectation is deepening. The Great O antiphons have started (but I haven't heard them sung yet- I have to find the prayers so small daughter and I can use them in our evening prayer). The King of Peace is coming to our war-torn and broken world again.

Vocation bumblings continue, this time with thoughts about "plain dress" and identifiers to my profession. Sometimes being a Third Order with no habit of any kind is really hard - I'm shocking for not remembering who and what I am, especially when work is really busy! However, I'm returning again and again, and I guess that's what it's all about. I need to find some way of doing the Office that works for me, especially if I'm going to get a work car next year (noises about this - very exciting). Maybe I can go back to the "Pray as you Go" Benedictine Office site I was using earlier this year, especially if I can get a mp3 player that plugs into the car.

However, Advent is a time of returning, and it's a penitential season as well, so here's thinking that it's a good time for that. And tonight is 9 Lessons and Carols and I'm going to brave the awful weather to go to the Cathedral - and they're televising it for replay on Christmas Eve night so you might even see yours truly on TV!

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