17 December 2008

It's (not quite) a dead elephant

Short post to let you know that the elephant hasn't died yet. Just very tired. Summer leave can't come soon enough.

I'm really tired and trying to finish several things before the end of the year - and clients are calling all the time wanting stuff done before Friday and it's getting into the realms of simply not possible now. I was aiming for a clear desk and major projects left in a tidy place, but may not happen!

And then there's the social life: Christmas party for work on Friday night, Christmas parties x2 on Saturday night (although I'll only go to one of those), 9 Lessons and Carols on Sunday night, 4th Sunday in Advent, Christmas Eve midnight mass (going to our parish church St James' this year - closer and easier than the Cathedral, although I'll miss the music a bit!) etc etc.

At least work is closed from Christmas Eve lunchtime until 12 January - a nice long break. And I need it. This has been a really busy year and next year looks even crazier. I'm booked more or less with work until at least April, and that's without any training going on!


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