24 January 2009

ABC of me

Accent: New Zealand, but apparently I sound English. Weird, as I've never been there!
Chore I Hate: Ironing. I mean, why bother? It's a drip-dry world!
Dog or Cat: Cat. Mmmm, furball.
Essential Electronics: Umm, laptop (but it's a work one). Hate cellphone but have to have for work. Think I might like an iPod but don't have one.
Favorite Cologne(s): Anything from Lush.
Gold or Silver: Gold.
Hometown: Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Job Title: Health and Safety Consultant/Trainer (and Professed Franciscan!)
Kids: one daughter (2 1/2), one goddaughter (6)
Living arrangements: Married, own home (mitt mortgage), small daughter
Most admirable trait: honesty … something I strive for
Overnight hospital stays: lots. Four or five bouts of abdominal surgery, dental surgery twice (teeth out for braces, wisdom teeth out), foot surgery, oh, and three times during pregnancy and after....
Phobias: not too happy about heights and large insects
Quote: You have been told, O people, what is good, and what Yahweh asks of you: Only this, to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God. - Micah 6:8
Religion: Anglican Franciscan
Siblings: One of each. I'm in the middle.
Time I wake up: 6.30am on work days, a bit later on weekends (depending on small daughter)
Unusual talent or skill: I can tidy a room in five minutes that takes my husband hours
Vegetable I refuse to eat: brussel sprouts, otherwise known as devil droppings.
Worst habit: Too outspoken.
X-rays: Yes lots.
Yummy stuff I cook: chocolate cake, icecream, schitzel (crumbed of course), chicken. Hubby does most of the cooking - lucky me!

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