3 January 2009


Bathroom is finished. Yay - and the new blue makes it look about 10 times larger (which is good as it's a fairly small space).

Had friends over to dinner and a game of Blokus tonight - a lovely bit of roast pork, salad, bread, baked spuds, and one of our friends brought an evilly good apple and chocolate pudding and icecream. All good. It was great to see them - they're all back to work on Monday so I was able to gloat, with another week to go!

Small daughter bedtime issues continue - we tried something different today in that she didn't have a nap and we put up some covers over her curtains tonight to make her room a bit darker, along with some music (Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and Fantasy and Fugue in G) - don't know what it was but she went to sleep much faster than she has been. She's super tired as well as we started the day with a swim, mostly so we could have a shower! We had to leave our bathroom 48 hours from the end of the painting for curing time, so tomorrow's the first time we will shower in the "new" bathroom! We've been showering at various rellies and the pool, so it will be a real relief to be able to use our own space again.


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