1 January 2009


.... as opposed to finger-pointing!

We're most of the way through decorating our bathroom - only a coat of new paint, not replacing units! The ceilings, window-frames, doors etc are white, unlike our usual practice of putting fire-engine red on the doorframes, windowsills, and skirtingboards. We decided the red didn't work with the white melamine! The walls are now a peaceful blue-grey-green, as opposed to the evilly-bright butter yellow that was there before. A much more restful "morning colour", and tones well with the rest of our blue house.

Had the New Year's picnic today - a bit of a family tradition on my side of the family. It was a bit small as some of the cousins who would normally come are away, so it ended up my parents and Grandma (who didn't stay for the barbeque tea), one cousin and his wife, and us. Still fun though.


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