6 January 2009


We have moved the rugrat into a proper bed. Bed-wars had started when we took the side of the cot away 10 days ago (mostly to see if she could sleep without falling out of bed) and we decided that we might as well go the whole hog and take the cot away entirely as she's nearly grown out of it. Had the usual screaming, which stopped the instant I put The Priests' album on! She really likes the recording of the Schubert Ave Maria that opens that album, so stopped crying to listen, and fell asleep during the next track! More reasons to be grateful for good music! We have also added some extra light-blocking material to her curtains to make it darker in her room - her room faces full west and we don't lose the sun until about 9.30pm, so she's been staying awake because her curtains are quite a light colour. Think that has helped too.

However, due to removal of cot, the bed in that room is now occupied by small daughter which has put the cat's nose of joint, as he rather looked on that bed as his personal property.... Not quite sure what the reaction will be from daughter if she wakes up and finds the cat on her bed, as each time she's seen him asleep on the big bed when she was sleeping in the cot she's wanted him taken away....

Pachyderm tssf

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