10 January 2009


Not me moving - you'd have heard a lot more protests if that was the case (along the lines of "I hate packing!"). Movies. Two of them. Yes, the stay-at-homes have finally got out of the house - sort of.

First: Dark Knight, which we got out on video a couple of nights ago. I walked out of it. Not because it wasn't good - it was excellent - but it was twisted. Heath Ledger turned The Joker into a psychopath - no more campy "Mister Not-so-Nice Guy", this character was insane, and determined to breed more insanity. I am not a person for violence, and this was violence against the mind. Nasty. I love Christian Bale as an actor (I remember him as The Boy in Kenneth Brannagh's Henry V some years ago, when Christian was still small enough for his character to be carried dead across the field of Agincourt by Henry V) but I just couldn't watch it. The darkness that was internal to The Joker was spreading around the whole movie, expressed in the sets, the costumes etc. Very clever, but it was too twisted for me: did violence to my head!

Second, Quantum of Solace, tonight. "Not a person for violence" and she goes to see a James Bond film? Firstly, hubby loves Bond and I don't mind them, and I like the Blond Bond too. Secondly, somehow the violence in Bond doesn't seem as real as it was in Dark Knight. Slightly disappointed there were no gadgets and the Aston Martin only appeared for about 3 minutes of screen time. Story was very episodic, but did link with the previous Bond movie quite well. Interesting twist was that Bond wasn't saving the world this time: he was saving M (Judi Dench), and he was saving Bolivia from a man-made drought. The bad guy had "stolen the water", quite literally, by diverting it into sink holes underground in the desert. Not sure if this is possible, but it was an interesting twist for Bond - an ecological/humanitarian crisis not a madman with a laser satellite....

Daniel Craig portrayed a Bond eaten by grief over the death of his previous "Bond Girl" (Vespa) and not caring who died on the way as he tried to find out why she was killed. A touching moment that revealed the more human side of Bond when his friend Mathis was shot - the only time I've ever seen Bond stay and hold a dying person. I'd give it about 3 stars: okay, but wouldn't see it again.



Anonymous said...

*buzzzzzzzttttt* Wrong! Dark Knight was the best film I saw all year - 3 times in fact!

He's not twisted, he just does all the things that we'd like to but don't because of social mores...

And I love the pencil trick.


Pachyderm said...

I knew it was good, but I just didn't like what it was doing inside my head. It was a brilliant piece of acting - only a great shame that it was the last thing Heath Ledger did. In fact, that was part of it - it was hard to separate knowledge of what had happened to the actor from what the character was up to. C loved it.