7 March 2009

All quiet on the western front

Saturday morning, 10am. Small daughter and husband are at the outlaws for breakfast so I got a nice peaceful snooze and now am pottering around doing some Saturday morning jobs (like the washing). Small daughter came padding into our room at 7am this morning, wide awake and very talkative... we weren't best pleased as we'd had my cousin and his wife over for dinner last night and it was a bit of a latish one (although not convivial as she's expecting - no wine was drunk as we didn't think it was fair for her!). It was a great night, but a 7am wake up was not what we'd planned for a Saturday! He took daughter in hand and I went back to sleep. Good trade.

I'm listening to the cicadas and enjoying the cooler air: it was hideously humid yesterday and very hot (still over 25 degrees at midnight when we went to bed); fortunately it started to rain at about 11pm and it must have rained most of the night, as it's definitely cooler and smells wonderfully fresh this morning.

Not much to tell in my world: research is stuttering along (must do some more tonight!), work is really busy, family reasonably well. Finally got most of the replacement cards etc sorted after the removal of my wallet 2 weeks ago and the banks were really amazing: replacement eftpos and credit cards arrived within 3 days! All good. Still waiting on my permanent drivers' license (got a paper one right now) but most of the other important stuff is done.

I'd better go and get on with some of those Saturday jobs - we've got a friend coming for lunch and I'm off to Hamilton (yippee....) tomorrow night. I'm sitting in on a training session with a colleague on a course I haven't yet seen, and am going to deliver in about a month's time. Quite nice in some ways: 2 nights away in a nice hotel, opportunity to do some research, no work (except sitting in the course and making notes on how I'd deliver it!).


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