7 March 2009

Lent: progress report

Well, we're 10 days into Lent and the second Sunday is tomorrow. So far, so good. I made two plan for Lent: keeping a daily Office as part of my prayer and awareness of God, and what I'm terming "fiscal responsibility". Traditionally, Lent is about three things: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, as a way of preparing ourselves for Easter. My two plans covered all three areas as the fiscal responsibility bit was particularly around ensuring that I made my lunch and took it with me to work, rather than buying it. Ergo, I eat simpler food, and save money for other purposes.

I am so glad that my vicar introduced me to the Catholic Morning and Evening Prayer (Lauds and Vespers) - I love the breviary and I find myself looking forward to praying the Office again, rather than approaching it as something I have to do because my Rule requires it. I had been using Celebrating Common Prayer but was getting bored as there are only 7 variations of it, whereas the Divine Office has many variations and always feels fresh. I am still working out how the TSSF portion fits in - whether it's best to do this before, during or after the Office, and whether it's best at morning or evening prayer. It seems to work better in the evening as I'm not quite so rushed then: even though I have been carving out time in the morning to make sure I've got time for Office before I leave for work (mostly by getting up earlier), I am always aware that as soon as I finish praying, I need to get out of the door and off to work through Wellington traffic!

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