10 March 2009

Back again

Back from Hamilton. Good time, caught up with a colleague I get on really well with but don't see often as he's based in Waiuku - and scored some fresh venison from his latest hunting trip! Hamilton isn't my favourite place on the planet, but I have to admit that the Waikato River in evening light is really lovely. The course I went to watch is pretty basic - an adaptation of H&S Reps 1 and some other material, tailored to the company, and I'll have no difficulty in delivering it. Just have to make sure I get the three bits of it in the right order!

Was very happy with hotel - discovered it has in-room broadband! Very productive evenings - lots of work for Massey and listening to Discovery Channel. Watched Mythbusters try to sandwich a Skoda between two big-rigs - didn't quite work out but it was a truly spectacular crash! Also saw something called Really Big Things, all about large machines - saw the Cat 797B dumpster mining truck, which is huge (tyres are about three times the height of a tall man, and the whole truck is taller than a 3 storey building), and watched them making wind turbines (very interesting). There's times I really wish we had Discovery!

Anyway, better go - I'm tired, grubby, and the venison needs to go into the fridge.


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