8 June 2009

Bed Wars Episode VIII (??)

Yet more bed wars with our toddler. She woke up at 12.30am on Sunday morning and refused to go back to bed, ending up with a tantrum that lasted until after 2.3oam.... Eventually we put the gate up on her room so she can't get out, shut all the intervening doors between her room and ours, and left her to it. I'm sure we were popular with the neighbours - not! And she was a little pest on Sunday, so much so that we dumped her on her grandparents in desperation in the afternoon because we were so strung out, and they kept her at their place overnight, which was brilliant - and of course she was an angel for them (grrrr). Tonight she has been a right royal pain in the neck about staying in her bed, and the gate is shut again and won't be opened until morning.


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