5 June 2009


Friday night and I'm avoiding work. To be fair, I am waiting for my research proposal to come back from university and I can't really do much without it - at least that's what I keep telling myself! Really, if I wanted to, I could keep pulling down articles for my research topic, but really I'm cheerfully wasting time and not feeling at all guilty about it!

Update: I just checked on the paper's website and my proposal is back, so there goes one excuse for not doing any work! My supervisor marks the assignments by using the "track changes" function in MS Word, so the only one of the five assignments for this paper that actually gets printed and sent in is the final research paper itself. I didn't do quite as well as I'd have liked in the proposal, but she made some really helpful comments and I know more where she thinks I need to go in terms of the overall work.

For those of you (not) interested, I'm researching the accident risks faced by lefthanded persons in New Zealand industries - there's been a lot of international work done that suggests that lefthanders are at a much greater risk of accidents as they are using equipment not designed for them and often working across their bodies, putting limbs in the way of cutting blades etc.


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