18 June 2009


I enjoyed a gift today. Hubby had recently done some graduation photos for one of the local educational institutions, and part of their gift to him was a voucher for a full-body massage at their clinic staffed by 2nd year students. He gave it to me. And I used it. And it was wonderful. It's been a long time since I've had a massage, and this time as I was relaxing into it, I found myself musing about each of the muscles that the student was massaging: where they start, where they finish, how they work - and the miracle of design that is our body.

The massage became something of a meditation on the incarnating way we live with God; all our experience comes through our body, it is incarnated and understood through our senses. Even the sacraments are physical: water, oil, bread, wine, hands, and we experience them through our senses. I think that too often I get all metaphysical about faith and divorce it from the real physical world, forgetting that the only way I can experience love is here, now, as I am - and that means in this human body.

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