16 June 2009


Good day today: I submitted a major report for a new client, and 3 little risk reports for another client. Felt like I achieved something, which is good as the day didn't start all that well. A certain furry individual is not popular after waking me at 5.30am.... and then he woke our daughter at 6.15. My alarm wasn't set until after 6.30 so I was less than pleased!

However, the weather has turned really grotty: it's snowing in Dunedin, the Rimutaka Hill Road is closed, the Desert Road is closed, the South Island high country is several feet deep. It's sleeting here and I'm sure it's going to snow here at some stage. It was a severe shock stepping out of our warm office into 5deg with wind chill....!

I think my day was improved by an absolute gem from Dave & Camille on the Classic Hits breakfast show: Camille had been making some dodgy comments about chick flicks, and Dave said, "Could someone please bring in a McDonald's combo so Camille can clutch at straws!" I nearly crashed the car, I was laughing so hard. All good.

Anyway, going to stop blogging: it's too cold in the study and I left the laptop at work (deliberately, but I'm kicking myself now!).


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