31 July 2009


The dearth of recent posts is due to the proliferation of university work. I have actually managed to get on and start writing my research paper: I suddenly got inspired and now I've started I want to keep going! I finally figured out that what I had to do was start - no matter how bad it was, as long as I got something down I could work with it. It was the completely blank page that was the problem! I should have known that from last time I wrote one of these things. The sooner I get something written - anything at all - it breaks the drought and then I can get on.

Apart from university work starting, not much has been happening. I've had most of the last couple of weeks in the office: a bit slow at work at present which has given me a chance to catch up on some things, but now I'm starting to want another project. Lots more training coming up in August, so I guess I should be grateful for the break.


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