26 July 2009

St James Day

Wow. St James Day was awesome! Each year, our parish makes a big deal of its patronal festival - it's different every time but always good. This year, we had the St James choir singing a cantata that was written for our choir some years ago by a choir member which hubby recorded for them (sounded really good - I couldn't go as someone had to be at home with small daughter).

Today's Festival Service was especially good. I always like it when the three regular Sunday services get together at big feasts - we get a much bigger appreciation of the diversity and breadth of St James when we're all in together! Today was extra special as we had the Most Revd David Moxon, Archbishop of NZ, as celebrant and preacher. He preached an amazing sermon that wove together the richness of an old monastic story and the story of St James - and our parish motto "Be ye doers of the word". His point was that faith is found in the ordinary things of life, and the richness of God's love is expressed in the ordinary and everyday. This was followed by a really lovely parish lunch.

The really exciting thing for me, however, was the phone call I got from our vicar when we'd been home for about half an hour. He invited all of us to supper at his place with the Archbishop and a retired English bishop who is travelling in NZ. Hubby decided to stay home with small daughter and I went - and it really was a small group - about 12 of us, just mingling over dessert chatting with a couple of bishops....! At one point, I found myself talking about the importance of Mary in the Anglican church with two bishop theologians, both of whom have served on ARCIC (the Anglican-Roman Catholics in Consultation council)! Long time since I've had a serious theological discussion with anyone, and the first time I've had a serious theological discussion with bishops, let alone the Archbishop of NZ! He's a really lovely person - I think I've met him before at Order events - but it was pretty incredible talking theology and vocation with the two of them.


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