14 August 2009


Friday. I love Fridays, especially after a busy week like this one. I'm blobbing out with something relatively mindless on the tv - Who do you think you are? (the BBC family history programme, on Jeremy Irons tonight) and carefully ignoring the pile of washing that wants folding on the other couch! I've successfully ignored it for a couple of days so think that one more night won't hurt.

The reason the washing has been unfolded on the couch for a couple of days is that the evenings have been devoted to a very successful writing stint on my research paper. I've more or less finished the major writeup of the literature review for my paper on left-handedness and accidents, and today launched the data-gathering bit, which is an online survey on handedness. I'm looking forward to the answers to that, and doing some analysis on my own research rather than everyone else's!

On the personal front, I'm still waiting to hear from the Order I enquired with. I'm not sure if the wait is because they haven't got my letters, or they are busy, or it's a test... it is slightly frustrating but I know that if it is the right thing, it will happen in the right time. The TSSF chapter is due to meet at the end of this month and I've requested a year's leave of absence, in order to give myself time to listen to the new thing that God is inviting me into. Maybe it will be back into TSSF: I don't know. All I know is that there is a great sea-change going on inside and a number of things are starting, and growing, and becoming, and I need to be open to it.

The Breviary has become an anchor for my days, and it’s also encouraging me into deeper contemplation during the day as well. Especially on gorgeous days like today, when one could believe that spring is only a couple of weeks away! (Apparently the weekend is supposed to be cold and miserable though…. Typical).

And tomorrow is the feast of the Assumption, and I'm trying to figure out how to keep that one as an Anglican (a high Anglican, though), and to make it relevant to small daughter. She's enjoying learning about the different feasts and fasts of the church year, and when I mentioned it was a special feast tomorrow she was really interested.


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