15 August 2009

Travels with Timepieces (not Trolls)

There is not enough time - or timepieces... Our living room clock has died the death, and even attempted resurrection with brand new, really grunty batteries didn't bring it back. So we spent some of this morning looking for a new one, with absolutely no success whatsoever. Oh, we found clocks: bad knock-offs of nice French painted clocks; wrought-iron clocks that looked cool but you couldn't see the hands because some clot had made the hands the same colour as the wrought iron; really funky clocks that you couldn't tell what hour it was supposed to be because there weren't any identifiers for where the hours are (unlike our numberless clock that has dots on the hour markings)... All very frustrating. All I want is a reasonably nice-looking clock that works, preferably with Roman numerals as I like them better in the living room. Apparently it's too much to ask....

However, following the fruitless search for a timepiece (or should that be timeless search for a fruitpiece?), we went and explored the new Asian supermarket in the Hutt. Very cool: lots of super-interesting food and sauces, lots of potential for gastronomic experimentation. Hubby bought a receipe book - the first one for years! - as he's looking for more authentic Asian cooking. He's been experimenting with fusion and semi-Asian cooking for a long time, using Asian flavours with other things, but now wants to try a purer style. All good with me: I love Asian food (most of it, although I draw the line at bugs). After that we did the grocery shopping so it was a long and busy morning.

I have managed to pack both hubby and small daughter off for a rest, hence a mid-afternoon post on a Saturday. I'm very tired too but don't sleep during the day, and am enjoying the birds singing and the cool fresh air coming in the door. I guess I'd better get on with some Saturday chores soon, but it's nice to sit down and enjoy the silence.


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