1 September 2009

A bitser

Today was one of those bitsy days. Hubby was sick (he woke up about 3am, bolted to the loo, and threw up!) so I was working from home for most of the day. I did manage to get into the office for a while this afternoon after dropping small daughter at Playcentre. It was a surprisingly productive day: usually work-from-home days don't work out all that well - something to do with having a very interested, inquisitive preschooler around! However, I was able to get a lot done on a major project, which is good as it's creeping towards conclusion.

It was one of the good days to be a parent too: small daughter kept creeping up to me and giving me big kisses, and saying, "Mummy, I really love you" - she almost made me cry tonight when we were getting tea together and she said to me, "Mummy, you're my friend, and I love you!" This, from a 3 year old! It's the first time she's called me her friend. We had a big chat then about friendship and what it means, and when we were praying together, we talked about forgiveness: what it means and how it helps us to be better friends, how we don't forget the hard things that happen, but how we stop keeping score and trying to get even. It's as much a lesson for me as for her - forgiveness is a very concrete thing when you're dealing with a small child.

Other good things happened: I heard back from the Community of Solitude (COS) and they want to keep talking with me, which is encouraging. I want to give this call a time to be heard, and it seems to be doing just that. It is also good that at least one of the senior members of COS has small children too and knows what it is like - family as a school for prayer! I know I have to keep pressing in and listening 'between the clouds'.

Tomorrow it's off to training again: delivering the new improved H&S Representatives Stage 1 course - which is one of the ones that I revised earlier in the year. I delivered the new version for the first time last week and was truly nervous in case I'd made a mess of the revisions, but it did flow well. My problem is timing: I had more or less worked out where I should be at key times in the days (eg breaks) in the old version, so I now have to do it again with the new one. But the new running order of the topics works much better, which helps.

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