2 September 2009


Caught an interesting documentary a couple of nights ago - accidental-like. We were channel-flicking and found an article on the new fusion-type nuclear physics on 60 Minutes, which was fascinating, especially how far the fusion thing has come.

What intrigued me and made me think was the next article, on botox. We weren't intending to watch it, but there was nothing else! It made me realise that I might have unintentionally made a huge countercultural decision. The article looked at people who use botox: who they are, why they do it, etc. The youngest was a stunning 21-year-old who really wanted to stay beautiful (and I could see her point - when you look that good, you'd want to keep looking that way!), the oldest about 40ish who wanted to look young again.

My decision not to wear any kind of makeup or dye my hair - opting out of the whole beauty industry, except for a few nice smelly Lush things now and then - was a big decision!

Also realising that the choice for simple shades and no colour is also a countercultural decision, especially considering the wild prints and brights that are around this season!

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