25 September 2009


The girls are back in town - well, one girl in particular. My "third half" - my oldest friend from university is back from Melbourne for a week or so. The timing couldn't be better really: I really wanted to talk to her and then I heard she was coming over. Perfect. She called tonight and we had a good old yarn, and we'll see each other next weekend.

Yay for old friends: friends that know you so well that you don't need to explain a thing - that have so much shared history that all of your conversation is full of hints and references. It's so neat to know all the unsaid things are understood always.

Old friends
Sit on parkbench like bookends

Simon & Garfunkel


Chris said...

Your maths is appalling! 3/2 = one whole

Pachyderm said...

She's my "third half" because there were originally 3 of us who were all crazy friends together, and now hubby is the "other half". It's quite sensible, really.