7 September 2009

Loose ends

Not quite sure what to do with myself tonight! My project is away being read over by the university pre-reading service - they offer this amazing service to extramural students whereby you can send in two assignments per semester for pre-reading and comment. Not comments on the specific subject, but comments on the flow, logical structure of argument etc. It's the first time I've used it in nearly 5 years of extramural study, but given the size of this research it seemed like a good idea! So I have no university work to do right now - I have one more assignment for my other paper (on health and safety in contracting) but don't want to start that one until my research is mostly wrapped up. It's not due until 30 October and I more or less know where I'm going with it, as contractor management is a professional area of interest - I just want to put some academic scaffolding around my professional practice.

This is going to be an interesting week. I'm in office tomorrow, and then will be at the NZISM conference for the rest of the week. It's just down the hill from the office so don't have to go anywhere, which is nice. There's an interesting overseas speaker coming and few good topics, but I'm mostly going for the networking opportunities.

It's also hubby's graduation on Friday so it will be a full-on week, as it's also stacked with the September birthday rush (sister, grandma, me, mum, and three of my best friends all within about 14 days!). In fact, one of my closest friends (who is currently overseas, grrr) actually shares a birthday with me: a few years apart, but same day. And hubby managed to scuttle all three birthdays this year: he was away for his own, our daughter's, and his graduation is on mine.... good thing birthdays seem to become less important as one gets older!

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