6 September 2009

Sunday bikers

Today was a glorious day in Wellington - fresh, sweet spring air, flowers everywhere, deep blue sky - gorgeous. We went to the park this afternoon so the rugrat could have another go on her bike. Our patio is quite short so every time she started to get the hang of pedalling, she ran out of patio. We took her to the bike park at Avalon Park, which is this amazing collection of "roads" with full markings and road signs for kids to bike around. It even includes an unsealed bit and a railway crossing where the miniature train crosses the road! She was doing okay but got frustrated: the bike has a pedal brake so every time she pushed backwards she stopped. And then she said she had a sore tummy and promptly vomited all over the grass. Nice. End of biking for the day....

The cool thing was bumping into one of my cousins and her family whom we haven't seen in a while -daughter said she felt fine after being sick so we played for a bit, which gave us a chance to catch up with my cousins and their rugrats.

Oh, and the clan has increased by one small first-cousin-once-removed: another cousin had a son last night. Sounds pretty cute! Haven't seen the baby yet: the delivery was induced, forceps, and she was pretty badly torn, apparently, so letting her get sorted before we descend.

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