29 September 2009

A Sinister Accident?

My paper A Sinister Accident? An investigation of the risks of left-handed people in New Zealand workplaces is now finished. Yay!!! It's been a long hard slog but very interesting, and I've learnt loads - not least about how to do good research! Massey has been awesome as well: they have this online pre-reading service for extramural students, and I submitted a draft version of my paper a few weeks ago. They had it back to me within three days with really helpful comments. And the Massey librarians have been absolute stars.

The key things that came out of the research was a need to do more research in this field in New Zealand. There is no New Zealand data at all about handedness and accident risks, and we don't even know how many left-handers we have here (it's probably about 10%, in line with other Western countries, but we don't know). Most machinery controls favour right-handers, and the design of most equipment also does. There a mixed response as to whether sinistrals die younger than dextrals, but I suspect that we do - slightly.

I'm hoping that I'll get a couple of papers out of this research. Here's hoping!

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Kevin Jones said...

Well done, I look forward to reading it or, perhaps, interviewing you on the findings.