13 December 2009

Advent 3

Advent is deepening towards Christmas - both in numbers of activities, demands on one's time, and in expectation and prayer. Yesterday began with making the Christmas icecream with our small daughter, followed by the usual Saturday cleaning activities. Last night we had a barbeque with dear friends of ours who have just returned from several months in Germany. It was very good to see them again! We had a great time.

Today, we went to church this morning (most of which I spent out in the children's activities with our small daughter), made the Christmas cake after lunch (which went very well, until it broke slightly on exit from cake tin - I hate it when that happens), and then I took small daughter to the Christmas pagent at church this afternoon. She really liked that, and I did too - there was something really touching about watching a lot of small children re-enact the Christmas story. Next year I suspect she will be part of it...

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