11 December 2009

It's official

Well, I had my meeting with the Bishop on Wednesday, and it couldn't have been more positive. It was amazing. He was so totally supportive of what I'm doing, and really encouraging! He's going to issue me a Letter of Authority (like he gives to priests) and put me on the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer! I went out of the meeting on such a high!

So what is it I'm doing? I'm joining the Community of Solitude, a Benedictine Camaldolese community for men and women, who can be both married and single, who feel called to live a monastic life in the middle of the everyday life of work and family. I'll be given the Community's habit and will take a name in religion for use within the Community and at Church. There are only 11 members of the Community at this stage so we're pretty small, but growing. We are solitaries, spread across a number of geographical locations and timezones.

I'll be the only one in New Zealand - at least for a while....

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