18 January 2010

Bits and bobs

Most of my recent posts have been about little bits of family news - that's because I haven't had a lot of other news to tell! I seem to be in a bit of a settling time right now: getting used to the new expression of my vocation, settling into a steady rhythm of prayer, and finding my feet in the Community. I've had quite a few email chats with one of our novice Brothers in England (he and I currently constitute the international wing of the Community and we're actively supporting each other!), and keeping the home fires burning.

House decoration has not occurred all that quickly either as the weather in Wellington has been really awful - drizzly, cold (as in cold enough for jeans and an extra blanket on the bed!), and highly unpredictable. Apparently tomorrow should be okay so hubby hopes to get the sanding done on the next wall, so hopefully I can paint tomorrow night. It's a bigger wall than last time so will take somewhat longer, especially as I'm now back at work.

One of the things I'm now trying to do more actively is a daily examen (examination of conscience) - looking at where I've interacted with people and with God, and trying to listen to how those interactions shape me. I've got a tiny notebook that I'm writing in, so I can start to see patterns of things that I need to bring before God and be conscious of. However, this practice is already starting to bear some small fruit. Today, I saw something that I walked past, and then realised that I would have to consider the event at my examen and I would be ashamed of my actions if I continued to walk past. I doubled back, sorted the issue, and "went on my way rejoicing." Such a small thing, but it made three people very happy!

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