18 January 2010


I have not yet posted about the terrible earthquake in Haiti, and the horrendous loss of life there. I haven't known what to say, really. I have been praying, and trying to find active ways to help the displaced, the sick, the hurt, the dying, and the dead. There are terrible bottlenecks for aid and supplies as the airport is damaged and the port destroyed, and in the meantime people lie in the streets dying and bodies pile up so much that there are reports they are using them for roadblocks to stop looters.

Some people might ask why would a just and caring God allow this to happen? My initial response to that would be that this planet is subject to natural forces that allow us to live here, and those natural forces are awesome in their potential. God is love, and that love is shown in the care we give those who survived and those who did not. It's a question that I am pondering a lot at the moment.

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