19 February 2010


Yesterday was a good day. My oldest and dearest friend was back over here for a brief visit from Australia. We have been friends since university days; she and my sister were my bridesmaids, and she is one of our daughter's godmothers. It was good to see her. We only had a short time together - but such a gorgeous time. There's always plenty to talk about, but at one point we were just sitting together, sharing the silence of a long, rich, deep friendship. We've known each other so long that often speech isn't necessary - we communicate in other ways. She's been living in Australia for many years now, but we can always pick up where we left off, in some kind of crazy madness!

She brought me a really wonderful gift too - in addition to her simple presence! She has recently been through Rome on a trip through Europe, and she got me a book in the Vatican called Faith Through Art. It's lovely: a slim volume with photos of famous (and not so famous, but no less beautiful) paintings, frescoes, statues, carvings, with reflections and prayers. What a gift to journey through Lent with!

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