16 March 2010

In the armpit

No, I am not suggesting anything improper! I am currently staying in Huntly, which I have heard characterised as the armpit of NZ. Slightly unkind, but possibly true... I'm delivering training at Huntly Power Station, which is going okay.

Had a great dinner with a friend of mine that I met through Massey courses - what was really cool is that we discovered that we had a heap of other, non-work stuff in common (in fact, we hardly talked shop at all!). We spent a lot of time talking about books, and she showed me her photos of the Camino de Santiago that she did last year - the pilgrimage of St James de Compostella in Spain. Really beautiful photos and so evocative of the places they went. The Camino is an ancient pilgrim way that is still walked and cycled today, and to be an "official" pilgrim you have to walk at least the last 100km of the 900km route. Her group did about 160km walking, stopping at the pilgrim stopping places and private homes - it's all very well set up for people doing the Camino! She also showed me the oyster shell that all pilgrims must wear around their neck as the symbol of their journey, and the pilgrim passport that has to be stamped in a certain number of places to "qualify" at the end. Really amazing, and something I'd like to do some day.

Not much else to tell. Motel is not too great - not much choice in Huntly! - but it's only 2 nights. Looking forward to home again and next week it's Nelson again, so that's much more like it!

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