18 March 2010

The queen of procrastinators

Now, what else can I do to avoid work? I know: I can write a blog post!

I'm trying to learn about signal systems, and what factors help people pay attention to signals, but the textbook is not that great and I'm quite tired after several long days in Huntly so am finding my fish in Fishville far more interesting than my university work! The textbook is also quite old now so as soon as they start talking about digital displays my mind starts to wander, as I know that digital displays and the principles behind them have changed a lot in the last 20 years! I might have to look at the journals myself and see if I can pull down some good, more recent articles. The only other problem is that it's really technical and it gets quite tedious and confusing at times. But I'll get there. I hope.

The thought does occur to me that the authors of the textbook may not have paid much attention to the things that keep people's attention when they wrote their book....!

I did read an interesting report at work today, about adult literacy: approximately 40% of all adult New Zealanders have some degree of literacy impairment, which is quite scary. How do we know the safety message is getting through?

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