7 April 2010


Easter wasn't all running around to church services. There was a lot of space to do other things too. I took Thursday afternoon off work so I could get some major housecleaning done while hubby and small daughter were out, so we didn't have much in the way of house things to do (except the washing) - which was nice. Sunday night was slightly exciting when small daughter got another ear infection and kept waking screaming every half an hour; I eventually took her down to the after-hours medical clinic to get some antibiotics....

Monday she was feeling much brighter (really frustrating how that happens: child can be fine one day, really sick the next, and fine the day after!) and in the afternoon we took her down to Avalon Park to ride her bike. She's had it for a little while but not really wanted to ride it, but on Monday she wanted to - and she did. I'm not all that keen on trainer wheels, but I have to admit that they really helped her: she could concentrate on pedalling and steering the bike. She managed to get started and ride all by herself, and she biked most of the distance along the stopbanks between Avalon Park and Fraser Park and back, while we walked with her. On Tuesday hubby took her down to the bike park at Avalon Park so she could practice some more - and she loved it.

The bike park is pretty cool: it's set up like a proper road with proper road markings and the right signs (eg for stop, give way, roundabout, curves, windy road etc) so the kids can get used to the road rules and road signs - there's even a railway crossing over the miniature railway there!

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