14 April 2010

Training in the rat race

Not much to tell. I'm in the middle of a mad week: I was training in Kapiti on Monday morning, office Monday afternoon and yesterday, Upper Hutt today and tomorrow, and Kapiti again on Friday.

I was fairly worried about today's courses: I was running the "second pilot" of a new version of one of our standard offerings on manual handling and DPI (discomfort, pain and injury) - a topic I know quite a bit about, but the pilot version of the course doesn't flow all that well so it was a bit of a mess on Monday. Today went better. I was also fairly worried because I was not feeling all that flash yesterday and only got about 2.5 hours sleep last night.... fortunately I knew almost all of my trainees from previous courses and they're all good fun, so I said to them, "Today is either going to go like a bomb, or be a bomb!"

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