28 April 2010

I'm still here

Hey, I'm still around. Just very busy and very tired. I'm sitting at home listening to the wind rattling the window in the kitchen and the clock ticking; it's nearly 10pm and I should be in bed but I'm too tired to get up and go....

I've just got home from Hamilton, where I was delivering a day's training today. It was a frustrating trip in a lot of ways: my flight was delayed by over an hour last night due to delays at other airports, which meant that I missed a dinner date with a dear friend of mine. I got lost on the way to the venue today because Hamilton was shrouded in thick fog and I couldn't read the signposts (fortunately I had anticipated that it might take some time to find the venue and had allowed extra time), and I was on the last flight out of Hamilton to Wellington tonight so was very late home - all the earlier ones were booked up.

However, there were a couple of bright spots. I was on my way back to the airport and went a different route, knowing I had plenty of time in hand, and decided to drive over all the central city bridges over the Waikato River. The riverbank is thick with deciduous trees, and it's autumn. They were catching the late afternoon light and blazing in gorgeous reds, golds, oranges, and russet, reflecting in the river - all the colours melting together in the water like an Impressionist painting. And my friend came out to the airport and we sat and had coffee together there while I waited for my flight. It was good.

It reminds me of an old quote by Keats that I learned at school: "Beauty is truth, and truth beauty; That is all ye know on earth, And all ye need to know."


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