5 June 2010

Diplomacy - or lack of it

I, like most of the rest of the world, am currently very unhappy with Israel for the commando raids on an aid flotilla in international waters off Gaza. What is particularly despicable is that they timed the raids for the Muslim morning prayer time, when most of the men on board the vessel were at worship and the boat was in darkness. Like big bro Sphenodon, I don't know how to protest - or what I could do that would actually make a difference in this situation. Well, there is one thing (and I'm doing that!) but God's going to have to do some serious miracles to bring peace. Somehow the two sides have to sit down and actually try to see what they have in common: children brought up with guns in their hands instead of pens; shattered families; broken lives; death and destruction. They are both children of Abraham through different lines of descent, and I guess that makes it worse: inter-family battles are always more bloody, but surely they can find some common ground?

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