28 August 2010

Lioning around

We had tickets to the Wellington Lions match (versus Northland) tonight, and it was a really really close game. But we won! We took the rugrat with us this week, and she had a great time at her first rugby game. Hubby took this amazing photo of one of our lineouts - he's got some other cool shots but unfortunately none of our tries, as they were all scored over the other side of the field from us! See more photos!

We'd headed into Wellington earlier and took her to Old St Paul's, the lovely Gothic Revival wooden church that used to be the Cathedral Church of Wellington, until the Cathedral of St Paul opened in 1964. I have a lot of warm feeling for Old St Paul's - I used to work right next door in Anglican House and spent a lot of hours inside Old St Paul's, but it was also my dad's parish church for years.

After that, we trotted up Lambton Quay to the Cable Car and went up to the top to the Cable Car Museum to let her have a look around there. She loved the trip up the hill and the gorgeous views over the city are always worth looking at! Then dinner and the game - and now she's out for the count.

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