25 August 2010

Temporary Nelsonian - again

I think I've just about earned the right to vote in Nelson's elections, given the amount of time I've spent down there in the last year or so! Just back from yet another training foray to sunny and beautiful Nelson: yesterday driving down SH6 to Richmond and looking across Waimea Inlet, the early morning sun was catching the snow on the hills, there was a light mistiness over the bay, the tide was in (the Inlet is very tidal - when it's out, all you see is sand for miles) and everything was gold and pink and ruby light. Wonderful.

Training went well: it was a fairly small group but we had a good time together. I had a bit of time to look around yesterday afternoon and went for a drive around the inlet and heading for Motueka - I didn't actually get as far as the township but I enjoyed having a look at some of the other bits around Nelson Bays, and passed several wineries whose products I have definitely seen (and tried): Waimea Estate, Seifreids, Kahurangi Estate, and others. It was lovely seeing the lines of vines marching away towards the hills, caught in the late afternoon sun and the beginnings of frost - it was cold yesterday!

Not much else to tell, really: just pleased to be home and add to small daughter's collection of Lego minifigures - she's currently obsessed with Lego and I've recently discovered that they are selling 16 different minifigs in sealed packets, so it's a bit of potluck what you get. She loves them and so I've been bringing a minifig back from my various trips - and so far I've lucked out and they're all different! I don't know how much longer my luck will last though...

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