8 September 2010

Bits and Butchers

Another day, another ? Not quite sure what I'm thinking about really. Feeling a bit tired and a bit down - I've spent a lot of time over the last few days praying for Canterbury, listening to the news, seeing pictures of the destruction, and writing my final university assignment - which incidentally is about the sinking of the TEV Wahine, one of New Zealand's worst sea disasters. I know my tired and down is nothing to what Cantabrians are feeling - with nearly 300 aftershocks since Saturday, I guess no-one is getting much sleep and reality is hitting home....

So, I'm looking for a brighter note. And probably the one I can find right now is a new author I discovered the other day - well, new to me anyway. His name is Jim Butcher, and he writes books that are a combination of detective and wizard - a wizard, living in Chicago, who gets called in to consult on messy detective cases and finds out whether there is any involvement from what is described as the "Nevernever". They are very funny, very clever, and very well written. A bright spot in recent events. They're collectively called The Dresden Files and I would definitely recommend them, especially if you like fantasy writing.

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