7 September 2010

Canterbury earthquake 3

Well, it's now Tuesday, three days out from the Canterbury earthquake. The region is pretty wasted - not quite toast, but pretty bad. Some interesting survivor thoughts over at The Rose and Dragon who went through it. Interesting localised destruction, in many cases linked to the substrate the place was standing on. I say "interesting" from a scientific point of view, but that doesn't change the fact that the destruction has been awful. Many of Christchurch's most beautiful historic buildings have been condemned - two Grade 1 Listed Historic Buildings were pulled down today because they cannot be salvaged, and cracks are showing in the Cathedral. It's so sad.

Still, I cannot get over the fact that no-one has died - yet. It's quite conceivable that people still could - aftershocks continue, many of which are of substantial magnitude (5+), and as people try to repair their damaged homes and businesses, they will take risks.

I wish I knew what I could do to help...

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The Rose and Dragon said...

Don't catastrophise and donate.

That's about it really.