22 October 2010

The fourth member

There is a member of my family I haven't mentioned hardly at all on this blog, and yet he's super-important. He is opinionated and stroppy, but warm; caring and cuddly (on his own terms); incredibly interested in everything (in fact, some would call him nosy), and generally good company - when he feels like it. He's regularly underfoot at dinner times (but who isn't?) - but makes up for it at bedtime when he exercises his genius for cuddling and snuggles.

His highly-born mother was probably seduced by the local tramp, so his features are not quite perfect, although I think he's ravishing - and we have long rambling conversations about nothing in particular (although most of it does seem to be about food - typical male really). He has a habit of sitting silently by, offering his company, until he decides he wants to snuggle a bit closer, or convinces me that it's late and I should go to bed.

The only real problem with him is that he leaves lots of grey hairs around the place - but I don't mind that he's grey. He looks distinguished. It goes well with those golden eyes, and the styly black whiskers and long, expressive tail.

Well, who did you think I was talking about?

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