29 October 2010

It's Finals Friday!

It's Finals Friday. Final exam for my Micro/Macro Ergonomics paper today, which also happened to be the last paper I was sitting for my Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health through Massey University. So when they took my paper away today, it was all over! I am finished! Finite! Through! Done! Sayonnara! Auf weidersehen! Completed!!

The exam itself went really well - I had four essays to write and I'd prepared five topics (which was a good thing as one of the topics I'd prepared wasn't in the exam this year). They all seemed to flow and I had plenty of time to write the way I wanted it so I'm pretty happy.

However, I think I must be a bit nuts: I finish one qualification and immediately lurch into another one! In a week's time I start doing the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (usually known as the IGC, for obvious reasons!): this is 2 weeks fulltime with exams afterwards but it's done and dusted in those 2 tough weeks!

But tonight is gonna be a good night, tonight's gonna be a good good night....

Pity hubby isn't home!

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