10 November 2010

NEBOSH'd - or not

So here I am, having finished Day 3 of Week 1 of the International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health (the IGC), as I mentioned I would be doing. Thoughts so far? This is the "management week" and so far there have been no surprises. The homework has not been terribly demanding: I have read over the notes from the day's work and done the questions requested. I have also gone back and thought through things that weren't clear. Today's work was around H&S representatives and training. This is an area I am completely comfortable with - I train H&S reps! - and I did one of my Massey papers on Human Resource Development (what makes a good training programme, how to tailor it to your audience, good and bad elements of different styles of delivery etc). My colleague told some good stories but there was nothing new in there for me.

I suspect that the kicker for me will come when we hit Week 2: some of the hazards we will deal with are ones I'm less familiar with (eg radiation) so I'm looking forward to looking at these from a practical point of view.

Sitting in a classroom all day for a whole week is pretty rough - not used to this! I'm usually on the other side of the desk and so sitting down all that time is a bit tough on the anatomy, but today we finished a bit early so small daughter and I went for a long walk when I got home (yay for warm days with lovely long evenings!). We went up to the old cemetary not far from our place and walked around: no small feat for her as it's on the side of a hill and parts of it are quite precipitous, and good exercise for me to stretch out those calf muscles that were getting a bit tight from sitting.

More to come on this front, I think!

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