30 December 2010

Playing the game

I made a mistake yesterday. I'm a bit of a Facebook fan - I find it a great way to keep up with some of my friends that I don't see all that often, particularly the ones on the other side of the world. About this time last year, I discovered the Zynga games - in particular, FishVille. Grow your own cute tropical fish, collect tanks, decorate them - you know the drill. I liked FishVille. It was fun, and the fish were really cute. I played it somewhat obsessively until about May this year, when I decided to give it up because it at level 62 I didn't have too many places to go.

However, there was another reason I gave it up. It was taking too much of myself, my time, my passion. It was a distraction from what I really needed to do with my time. My mistake yesterday was finding another Zynga game (CityVille this time) which I played for a day - I got caught up in it, and could see myself getting trapped into it, so tonight I deleted the app from my Facebook account.

It's not that I'm against games - but when the game takes over, or I allow myself to fall into it and let that obsessive side of my personality to find a place where it can wallow, then it's a problem - maybe it wouldn't be for other people, but it is for me.

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