5 January 2011

New Year decoration

The longish blog silence has been because we've been enjoying some wonderful post-Christmas weather, and finishing the interior painting of our little house. The hallway now matches the living room and dining/kitchen in a fresh coat of blue, with rich red doorframes and skirting. We've also put a new freestanding cupboard in the hall today as we're desperately short of storage in this house (we only have 3 built-in wardrobes, not including the kitchen cupboards, in the entire house!). We've also been reducing the amount of stuff we need to store by doing some fairly serious decluttering over the past few days. I'm looking forward to getting some pictures back up in the hall again!

Now we've finished the inside, we need to finish off the fourth wall outside - we tried to paint the outside of the house last summer and got three of the four outside walls completed before the weather closed in at the end of March (we also had a really wet summer last year which didn't help!). Now the hall is finished, we can prep the outside and get that done too, and housepainting will be finished - well, this round anyway! We've been in this place 6 years and we've been decorating slowly all that time - it will be good to just be living in the house now!

Not much else to tell - we've had a few little trips around, a couple of good swims, games, and lots of fun family time. Hoping to do the beach at some stage soon now the water has warmed up a bit, although the shark sighting in Lyall Bay today bothers me somewhat!

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