9 February 2011

Fit for purpose

An interesting day today. I got home from work slightly early as I was working much closer to home than usual. I was planning to go to the gym and was collecting my kit, but as I walked past the open front door on the way to refill my waterbottle, I noticed that our lawn was looking a little shaggy (due to the grotty weather in the weekend, it didn't have its regular haircut) - so I decided to do that instead! When hubby and small daughter got home about 20 minutes later, the look on hubby's face was gorgeous: startled, pleased, and slightly confused! I got a workout, hubby was happy, and the lawn got shorter - result!

This evening I headed off to a silent prayer meeting which has recently started in the home of one of our parishioners, and it turned out to be really beautiful. There is something incredibly powerful about shared silence: concentrated listening to God. We were focusing on the parish vision for the year which is about being hospitable, when it suddenly occurred to me that prayer is extending hospitality to God: opening the door of our lives for God. I've been thinking a lot about the image of our lives as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and maybe prayer is opening the door of our temple and making God welcome.

Something to think about some more,  I think!

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